Alpha Xi Delta

Theta Phi at University of Alabama - Birmingham


The academic portion of your university career is a significant determinant in your future, and Alpha Xi wants its members to seriously regard their academic endeavors while at UAB. We hold our motto, "The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword," near and dear to our hearts, for education is something that one can never truly lose. Since we are a group of collegiate women, we believe that our academics should be our top priority. We are currently ranked as number 1 for "Highest GPA" among all Fraternity & Sorority organizations, which can not be done by one single chapter member, it is a group effort. 

One of the primary purposes of the fraternity system is to encourage and develop high scholastic achievement among its members. Through tutoring programs, creative incentives, and recognition of individual member and chapter achievements, our scholarship program will help you develop expert study skills.


A Letter from our 2023 Academic Achievement Director


The Theta Phi chapter is committed to the collegiate success of every sister in academics, extracurriculars, and professional development during her time at UAB. Due to the new virtual format, we understand that there are many students struggling with issues regarding academics and mental health. As the Academic Achievement Director during this uncertain period, I am dedicated to creating a supportive environment for our sisters where conversations surrounding mental health are encouraged and resources are readily available for any sister who needs them. By utilizing educational resources from our campus community and providing support for each sister by pairing her with a specialized academic mentor and delivering academic + self-care workshops tailored to her needs, we are devoted to seeing every sister of Theta Phi realize her potential. 



Lindsey Butz