Alpha Xi Delta

Theta Phi at University of Alabama - Birmingham

Tips and Tricks


Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind as you go through formal recruitment in the fall!  

  1. Be Yourself!

    If you go into recruitment as anything other than yourself, you won't end up where you need to be and you'll miss out on those genuine connections. We want to meet you! Not who you think we want you to be. You are amazing as you are, and you'll find a home where you'll never feel pressured to change.
  2. Go in with an Open Mind

    If you try to make a decision beforehand based on preconceptions, you'll never allow yourself to get a real feel for each chapter. Give yourself the opportunity to form your own opinions on each wonderful chapter!
  3. Find a Place that feels like Home

    Look for individuals who will not only push you to become the best version of yourself, but will be sisters in every sense of the word. Look for girls who share your values! Your sorority should be your home away from home, and you'll know it when you find out!
  4. Utilize your Pi Chis

    Your Pi Chis are there for you, and their job is to guide you through the recruitment process. You can trust them with anything! If you're feeling confused or conflicted, reach out to your Pi Chis. They are there to support you and help you find where you're meant to be.
  5. Take a deep breath

    Remember to always put your mental and physical health first! While recruitment can be stressful, try to look at it as more of an exciting new experience. The chapters at UAB have been waiting for you all summer, and are so excited to meet you! You have nothing to be stressed or worried about.
  6. Have questions prepared

    Make sure that you have questions prepared for each chapter. You will want to learn more about each sorority and their values to find where you will fit best and be able to call home.
  7. Find out what you really want from your sorority experience

    You really want to find a chapter that has the same values as you and has girls that will be your sisters in every sense of the word. Figuring this out prior to recruitment will help you from getting confused when you're talking to each chapter and when you are deciding which chapter is the best fit for you.
  8. Form your own opinions

    You're going through this process for you, not anyone else. If you want to get the most out of your sorority experience and find the chapter that is the best fit for you you are going to have to form your own opinions and not listen to what others are saying about the chapters.
  9. Trust the process

    The panhellenic team has been working super hard to make sure everything is right for you! With the values-based recruitment you are going to end up where you need to be as long as you are being authentic and genuine to yourself.
  10. Don't be nervous

    Recruitment is an exciting time and its the first step to the next four years of your life. Look forward to this time and try to keep a positive mindset instead of being stressed the entire week!

We are so exited to meet you all! Remember to have fun with it and be open to new experiences.


-Alpha Xi Delta, Theta Phi